Are members of an LLC subject to self-employment tax?

Answer On One Hand: Sole Proprietorship or PartnershipWhether members of an LLC are subject to self-employment tax depends on the tax treatment of the LLC. A single-member LLC that has not elected another... Read More »

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Is severance pay subject to self-employment tax?

Since an employer pays severance pay to a departing worker, it is not subject to self-employment tax. Those who receive severance pay should should report it on a W-2 form as wages.References:Intui... Read More »

What income is subject to self-employment tax?

If you have more than $400 of earned income from working as an independent contractor or self-employment, you must pay self-employment taxes. In addition, if your income from working as a church em... Read More »

Is royalty income subject to self-employment tax?

If you list your royalty income on Schedule C of your federal tax return, you must pay self-employment tax on that amount. if you list the income on Schedule E, you do not have to pay the tax. Cons... Read More »

What is the percent employment outlook for recently DEROSed US service members in the US?

Wile the situations can be slightly different in different parts of the country, unfortunately the employment outlook is not as good as many might think regardless of training, experience, or educa... Read More »