Are melamine bowls safe?

Answer On One Hand: Melamine Causes Problems In High ConcentrationsIn 2007, the American Veterinary Medical Association determined that pet food, tainted with melamine to fake protein content, caused kidn... Read More »

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Are melamine bowls toxic?

Melamine is a compound used in the production of a fire-resistant polymer. Among the many items made with melamine are kitchen bowls. Although melamine bowls are considered safe, there are some hea... Read More »

Are melmac bowls made from melamine?

Melmac bowls are made from melamine, a chemical creating food safety issues in China as of 2010. Melamine, extremely popular from the 1950s through the '80s, creates a durable, easily decorated pla... Read More »

The Safety of Melamine Mixing Bowls?

In early 2007, the first melamine recalls were issued on pet food imported from China. Based on information obtained from an article in USA Today, "melamine may have deliberately been used to fake ... Read More »

Are melamine dishes safe?

On One Hand: Melamine Alone is Not ToxicMelamine is used to make durable plastics. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), melamine alone has no toxicity in humans. At low doses, melamine... Read More »