Are maybelline products tested on animals?

Answer Maybelline cosmetics are created by the L'Oreal corporation, which engages in animal testing. Other L'Oreal brands include Lancome, Matrix Essentials, Biotherm, Garnier, and Redken. Although some p... Read More »

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Does maybelline test on animals?

Unfortunately they do test on animals :( Here is a great YouTube video that I found on it:…Now, I am glad to say that there are more brands that DON'T t... Read More »

Does maybelline or covergirl test on animals?

YES THEY BOTH DO!DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.……This is a list of a few popular bran... Read More »

How do you tell if something has been tested on animals?

Most products say on the back label. If not, you can always call the 800 # and ask!

How Are Perfumes Tested on Animals?

Animal testing is done in the cosmetics industry as a way of determining product safety for humans. The tests are highly controversial because they are seen by many, including PETA, as inhumane. ... Read More »