Are martha washingtons sun or shade plants?

Answer The Martha Washington geranium, also known as the Lady Washington geranium, (Pelargonium x domesticum) prefers a lot of sun. It should be grown indoors, however, because it requires warm, consisten... Read More »

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Low Maintenance Shade Plants?

If you have shaded areas in your yard that could use some color, adding plants could be the perfect solution. It is cost effective, and many varieties require very little maintenance once they're e... Read More »

Privacy Shade Plants?

Create privacy around shaded areas of the garden with shade-loving plants that thrive in dappled to heavy amounts of shade. Grown in a wide range of shapes and sizes, shade plants are ideal as foun... Read More »

Desert Shade Plants?

Not all desert plants grow in the open with the hot sun beating down on them. A variety of plants in the desert thrive in the shade where the soil retains more moisture. Desert plants are adapted t... Read More »

Cascading Shade Plants?

Cascading plants can be low to the ground and cascade over a walkway, driveway or window box. Alternately, some shrubs have flowers or branches that arch and blossom with hanging flowers or feather... Read More »