Are marine&deep cycle batteries different?

Answer Deep cycle batteries can discharge 80 percent of their power at a time and are perfect for long-term running and use. However, they struggle when it comes to "instant" power and take some time to s... Read More »

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How to Compare 12V to 6V Deep Cycle Batteries?

Deep cycle batteries are similar to the standard car battery except they are primarily used in marine vessels, golf carts and electric wheelchairs. Deep cycle batteries are designed for endurance, ... Read More »

Should You Deep Cycle Apple Laptop Batteries?

When setting up a wireless network, you can opt to get Internet either through a cable or telephone company. The latter type of Internet connection is known as a digital subscriber line, or DSL. Wi... Read More »

Can You Use Deep-Cycle Marine Batteries in a Golf Cart?

Electric golf carts are used on golf courses all across the country. Electric golf carts normally use six, 6-volt batteries to supply power. These batteries supply enough power for the golf cart to... Read More »

Do battery powered wheel chairs have deep cycle batteries?

Yes, deep cycle batteries are used in electric wheelchairs. Due to their solid lead plates, deep cycle batteries are capable of cycling down to 20 percent of their full capacity, which is great for... Read More »