Are marine reserves the same as regular marines?

Answer Active-duty Marines and Marine Reserves have the same training and can work in the same fields occupationally. The difference is that Marine reserves train part-time close to home, and serve in the... Read More »

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What is the difference between royal marines and royal marine reserves?

Royal marines join full time and do 32 weeks training Royal marines reserve are like the territorial army, you still have a job (teacher, doctor) but you do one weekend a month training for 18 mon... Read More »

Can you re-enlist in the Marines if you received an OTH from the Marines Reserves?

No. Recipients of OTH discharges are barred from reenlisting into any component of the Armed Forces (including the reserves), and are normally barred from joining the Army National Guard or Air Nat... Read More »

Are the U.S. Marines in The Hunt for Eagle One MARSOC marines or regular infantry marines?

Most likely MARSOC. I don't recall seeing a specific unit given in the film.

Can you be a Marine recon in the Marine Reserves?

On One Hand: Recon AvailabilityAlthough the majority of Recon Marines serve on active duty, the position is also available in the Marine Reserves. Both the 3rd and 4th Force Recon (FORECON) units, ... Read More »