Are marine reserves needed to protect global fisheries?

Answer On One Hand: Fisheries Are in DangerAccording to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, fisheries around the world are in danger, and marine reserves are an effective means for limiti... Read More »

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Can you be a Marine recon in the Marine Reserves?

On One Hand: Recon AvailabilityAlthough the majority of Recon Marines serve on active duty, the position is also available in the Marine Reserves. Both the 3rd and 4th Force Recon (FORECON) units, ... Read More »

What do marine reserves do?

The Marine Corps Reserves do the EXACT same thing as active duty Marines except they are reserves. Instead of going to work EVERYDAY, they go to work once a month. They are expected to do the exact... Read More »

Marine Reserves Information?

The Marine Corps Reserve offers Marines the chance to serve while maintaining a civilian career or education. Although most Marine Corps reservists serve for limited periods of time throughout the ... Read More »

What can you do in Marine reserves?