Are marbles worthless?

Answer On One Hand: Collectors Pay Top Dollar for SomeIf you have a hand-painted marble or one made before 1950, you could sell it to a collector and pocket a hefty sum of money. According to an article p... Read More »

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How many marbles would you have if you had one mole of marbles?

The value of a mole is 6.022137 x 10 to the 23rd power (often referred to as Avogadro's number) just as a dozen equals 12, a pair equals two, and a score equals 20. A mole of marbles is then 6.0221... Read More »

Why is my Macbook Pro so worthless!?

If you don't use Google or Yahoo search to solve these issues one by one as soon as they arrise, maybe you really should take it back and get a PC.Issue by issue:(1) The chance of a USB port failin... Read More »

Are my investments in AIG funds worthless?

On One Hand: AIG mutual funds are just like any other fundAmerican International Group (AIG) mutual funds are just like any other mutual fund. While AIG was in dire financial straits and required a... Read More »

Do women feel worthless if they look ugly?

do women feel worthlessif they look ugly? not all... confident women is comfortable with who they are so they don't need to do that things. but there are women who really do that. because they want... Read More »