Are maple trees native to Ireland?

Answer Maple trees are not indigenous to Ireland. The sycamore maple, indigenous to England, was introduced to Ireland in the 17th century, where it now flourishes. The field or English maple was introduc... Read More »

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Are Japanese maple trees hard maple or soft maple?

The Japanese maple tree (Acer palmatum) is a hard maple. The Japanese maple is a slow-growing tree, and as Clemson University explains, "slow-growing maples have hard wood." The wood is about as ha... Read More »

How to Distinguish Hard Maple From Soft Maple Trees?

Woodworkers separate maple wood into "hard" and "soft" based on the way it performs when they work with it, but the difference applies to more than the wood. The sugar maple, the most common hard m... Read More »

How to Tap Maple Trees for Maple Syrup?

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How to Tap Maple Trees for Sap?

The sap from maple trees is used to create maple syrup. When purchased at grocery stores, this syrup can be expensive to buy. That expense is even higher if you consider the environmental costs in ... Read More »