Are male and female patients treated differently by physicians?

Answer On One Hand: All patients should receive the same careA physician is required to abide by the American Medical Association's Code of Medical Ethics. As part of the Code of Ethics, "the patient has ... Read More »

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Can male nurses work with female patients?

Just as female nurses can work with male patients, there is nothing barring male nurses from working with female patients. It is within a patient's rights, regardless of gender, to request a nurse ... Read More »

When treating patients, are physicians required by law to have BLS or CPR certification?

By law, no. If they work for a hospital or corporation, then it would likely be required for employment.Then there's the public expectation that a doc knows what to do when...(Not always the case!)

Is it a law for physicians to file secondary health insurance for their patients?

No law requires physicians to file secondary health insurance plans for patients or for individuals to have secondary health insurance. This type of coverage helps cover expenses not paid by prima... Read More »

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