Are male and female leaders different?

Answer On One Hand: Gender Differences Do Exist in LeadershipJudy B. Rosener, a management professor at the University of California, and Sally Helgesen, the author of "The Female Advantage," support the ... Read More »

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How are male&female crayfish different?

Tiny lobster-like crayfish are found in fresh waters all across the world. These typical three-inch crustaceans are characterized by a jointed head and middle section, a segmented body, antenna and... Read More »

How are male&female brains different?

Differences between the male and female brain long have been studied by doctors. Scientists speculate that there are several differences that influence the behavior in genders. Knowing these differ... Read More »

Which artery is a different length in a male or female?

The internal pudendal artery is a different length in male and females. It supplies the reproductive organs of both men and women with nutrients. It is longer in men, because the artery has to bran... Read More »

Different Personality Traits in Female & Male Cockatiels?

Endemic to Australia, cockatiels are one of the most popular Avian pets in the world. As with other animals, male and female cockatiels behave differently and exhibit different body language and pe... Read More »