Are mako sharks dangerous to humans?

Answer On One Hand: Can Pose a Threat To HumansMako sharks have a wide distribution, and can be found both in the open ocean and in coastal areas. Their habitat often puts mako sharks in the same place as... Read More »

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How many mako sharks are left?

Conservationists do not have a solid estimate of the population for the two mako shark species. Both the coastal longfin mako and the open-ocean shortfin mako have been listed as "vulnerable" fish ... Read More »

Where do mako sharks live?

Mako sharks (Isurus oxyrinchus) inhabit temperate and tropical waters in all of the world's oceans and several gulfs and seas, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Red Sea. Mako sharks are pelagic,... Read More »

How long do mako sharks live?

Scientists disagree on the mako shark's lifespan. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration experts estimate that mako sharks' maximum lifespan is about 11.5 years, except for shortfin female... Read More »

Do sand sharks eat humans?

Sand sharks can have a threatening appearance, as they swim with their jaws gaping open. Their razor-sharp teeth are obvious protrusions that jut out in all angles. They enjoy swimming along the sh... Read More »