Are magnolia tree root systems invasive to home foundations?

Answer On One Hand: No, They Are NotAccording to the Urban Forest Ecosystems Institute, the magnolia tree has a low root damage potential, meaning their root systems are not invasive and don't do much pro... Read More »

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Magnolia Tree Root Systems?

The magnolia is a beautiful spring tree known for its fragrant, lush pink or white flowers. The tree is native to southeastern Asia and the eastern United States. The magnolia is fairly easy to gro... Read More »

Will Magnolia Tree Roots Damage Home Foundations?

Magnolia trees are famous for their pink or white flowers, making a popular choice for home landscapes. But many species can grow to large sizes, with wide root spreads. Magnolias are not commonly ... Read More »

Will a magnolia tree root under a foundation when grown up?

The shallow root systems of magnolia trees do not grow under foundations, but large varieties attain mature heights of 60 to 80 feet and should not be planted too close to a house. Dwarf magnolia c... Read More »

Are mimosa trees invasive to septic systems?

On One Hand: Mimosa Trees can Invade Your Septic SystemThe mimosa tree is not native to the United States. It was originally imported from China as an ornamental tree. It is a prolific grower; whil... Read More »