Are magnolia seeds poisonous to children?

Answer Yes, they are. Do not ingest the seeds or the seed cone either.

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Are magnolia trees poisonous to birds?

Magnolia trees are not a known poisonous tree to birds of any kind, but the jury is still out. Since no birds have been observed eating from a magnolia, they are not considered safe at this time, e... Read More »

How do I plant magnolia seeds?

PreparationClean the seed by leaving it overnight in warm water. In the morning, rub the seed against a screen or dish cloth to clean off the flesh. Plant the seed immediately after you clean it.Pl... Read More »

How to Get Magnolia Tree Seeds?

The stunning Southern magnolia tree is typically propagated by grafting, layering or from cuttings for commercial purposes. For the adventurous gardener, however, those methods can’t compare to s... Read More »

Information on Magnolia Tree Seeds?

Few trees conjure up the grandeur of the Old South more than a mature southern magnolia tree. Sixty to 80 feet tall, with glossy green evergreen leaves and huge white flowers that perfume the late ... Read More »