Are magnets metal?

Answer Magnets are made of metal. Permanent magnets all contain different combinations of nickel, iron and/or cobalt alloyed with aluminum or other metals. These alloys react together when exposed to a ma... Read More »

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Are there magnets in metal detectors?

Metal detectors use principles of electromagnetics to induce a magnetic field through the use of inductor coils. The magnetic field creates an electric current in the coin causing the metal detecto... Read More »

What metal are magnets made from?

Metal magnets are made up of metals that are alloys like nickel, cobalt and aluminum. The combination of these three alloys is sometimes referred to as "Alnicko." There are other types of magnets m... Read More »

Science Projects for Permanent Magnets Vs. Temporary Magnets?

Hands-on learning is an excellent way to teach scientific concepts. Projects that demonstrate the difference between permanent magnets and temporary magnets are easy and inexpensive to create. Temp... Read More »

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