Are macbook pro and iPad the same thing or is there a difference?

Answer iPad is not intended to replace computer in's however does a lot of things which a computer does and surprisingly it does better and faster.But if your work are very complicated like prof... Read More »

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Should I get an iPad 2 or MacBook Air or MacBook Pro or an iPhone 4?

If you're starting off, get a MacBook Air. If you just want something for light tasks, get the iPad or iPhone. If you are into heavy computing, go for the MacBook Pro.

Whats the difference between a Macbook pro and a Macbook air?

The MacBook Air is not a "netbook".The AIr is designed to be compact and lightweight and so has less connection options than the slightly chunkier Pro which also has the option of the Retina displa... Read More »

Should you get a new macbook pro or a new iPad 2?

If you already have a laptop get an Ipad 2 but if you dont i would say get a Macbook Pro just becuase you can do more work unless you wont to buy all the programs for the ipad2

What the new iPad can do a Macbook Pro can't ?

Only real thing it can do that a MBP or any other laptop can't is run iPad applications, which you can find computer software that can do the exact same thing as those apps.