Are lower back tattoo`s sexy on a girl?

Answer my boyfriend loves mine..and so do i..i have it years...and i sure as hell aint no tramp!!its your body..only you can make a decision...

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Lower back tattoos hot or not?

Why are lower back tattoos considered slu**y?

im only 18 an i have a butterfly next to my left hip an yes it may be near my vagina but so wat?that doesnt make me a slutit looks very femininebeing a slut depends on how many people u hav slept w... Read More »

What are your thoughts on interactive lower back tattoos?

Well, that sure squirts a spatter of interest from me..

How to Choose Some Lower Back Tribal Tattoos?

If you have decided that you would like to have a tattoo on your lower back which is more abstract and original than the usual tattoos, incorporating a tribal design can be a good way. However, wit... Read More »