Are low voltage lights efficient?

Answer On One Hand: They're Energy-EfficientLow-voltage lights use a step-down transformer to convert the usual 120 volts of electricity to 12 volts. These lights and lighting systems are therefore using ... Read More »

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What are energy-efficient LED lights?

Many of us have been convinced that compact fluorescent bulbs--those little coiled wonders--are our most environmentally-friendly lighting option. Recent advances have paved the way for energy-effi... Read More »

Why are fluorescent lights more efficient?

The desire for energy efficiency has caused many to favor fluorescent lamps over incandescent bulbs. More of the energy going into a fluorescent goes into visible light, whereas much of a tradition... Read More »

What makes compact fluorescent lights efficient?

Compact fluorescent light bulbs are recommended by many environmental groups and government agencies as efficient alternatives to the traditional incandescent light bulb.Lower WattageCFLs use anywh... Read More »

Are neon night lights energy efficient?

Neon lighting is produced by the electrical stimulation of electrons in a low-pressure neon gas-filled glass tube. Incandescent lamps produce light by electrically heating high resistance filaments... Read More »