Are low voltage lights efficient?

Answer On One Hand: They're Energy-EfficientLow-voltage lights use a step-down transformer to convert the usual 120 volts of electricity to 12 volts. These lights and lighting systems are therefore using ... Read More »

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What are energy-efficient LED lights?

Many of us have been convinced that compact fluorescent bulbs--those little coiled wonders--are our most environmentally-friendly lighting option. Recent advances have paved the way for energy-effi... Read More »

Why are fluorescent lights more efficient?

The desire for energy efficiency has caused many to favor fluorescent lamps over incandescent bulbs. More of the energy going into a fluorescent goes into visible light, whereas much of a tradition... Read More »

Are neon night lights energy efficient?

Neon lighting is produced by the electrical stimulation of electrons in a low-pressure neon gas-filled glass tube. Incandescent lamps produce light by electrically heating high resistance filaments... Read More »

How bright are low voltage lights?

The brightness of a low voltage light is determined by the wattage of the light bulb. The wattage of this type of light bulb can range from 4 watts up to 50 watts.Source:Do it yourself