Are low-profile tires safe?

Answer On One Hand: They Offer Better HandlingLow-profile tires are often seen on high-end sports cars and larger vehicles because they offer superior handling, according to On some roads, usual... Read More »

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What are low profile tires?

Low profile tires have less rubber between the tire rim and the road, and have several distinct advantages. Low profile tires are wider than regular tires, allowing better control and better respon... Read More »

How to Change Low Profile Auto Tires?

Today it is not uncommon to see a vehicle with very thin tires. Some people refer to these tires as "rubber bands" because of how low to the ground they are. These types of tires are called low pro... Read More »

How Can I Smooth Out the Ride on My Low Profile Tires?

Low profile tires are made to give the driver better vehicle performance and a custom look. Installing low profile tires on a car that was not designed for them can result in a hard and bumpy ride.... Read More »

How to Mount Low-Profile Auto Tires?

Many cars today are designed with low-profile tires, which improve handling and support on the roads. Low-profile tires can prove difficult to install because their sidewalls sit so low to the grou... Read More »