Are love spells real or myth?

Answer On One Hand: Most Regard Them as MythTo most people, the idea of a love spell is a silly, antiquated notion not to be taken seriously. In some religions, the idea of casting spells or of magic is e... Read More »

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Are love spells really true?

On One Hand: Believe In MagicA love spell is a ritual carried out in the hope of attracting a lover or keeping a lover. It can be as simple as writing the name of a potential lover on a certain day... Read More »

Are magic spells real?

On One Hand: Magic Spells Are Not RealSpells of magic, in which specific paranormal effects are conjured up through the incantation of words, the concoction of potions or other such mystical gestur... Read More »

Is autism real or is it a myth?

This may seem like a legitimate question IF you've only been exposed to those at the VERY mild end of the spectrum. For me, as the parent of a nonverbal child with "severe" autism...this is a rid... Read More »

Are fire breathing dragons real or a myth?

Merriam-Webster's dictionary defines a dragon as a "huge serpent." Huge serpents, such as the 10-foot long Komodo Dragon, definitely exist. However, as of 2010, there are no verified discoveries of... Read More »