Are Long-Duration Cams Good in a Big-Block Chevy?

Answer Camshaft duration may be one of the most important determining factors in big block Chevy performance, but it is still only one of the several elements of a cam's design that require attention. Som... Read More »

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Are long duration cams good in a big block Chevy?

The big-block Chevrolet engine (BBC) was introduced in the early 1960s with an intended performance application in NASCAR racing. However, it also found success in regular production vehicles and t... Read More »

How to Replace a Big Block Chevy With a Small Block Chevy?

Replacing a big block Chevy engine with a small block Chevy engine requires only minor changes. There is less difficulty with clearance when downsizing. The major consideration is the exhaust. The ... Read More »

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Do you need to do block work to install a 400 crankshaft into a 350 small-block Chevy?

The crankshaft will need to be machined. You can take the crankshaft to a machine shop to have the journals turned down. You will then be able to build what is commonly referred to as a "Stroker mo... Read More »