Are lockers more convenient than backpacks at school?

Answer On One Hand: Lighten the LoadStudent access to school lockers allows students the convenience of storing materials and possessions that are not necessary for a particular class or period of the sch... Read More »

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Reasons School Should Not Be Allowed to Search Backpacks & Lockers?

School authorities are currently allowed to check students' lockers and backpacks if they feel the student is breaking the law or posing a threat to the safety of the school. They do not need a war... Read More »

Why Have Lockers in School Been Banned?

For a variety of reasons, schools across the country are banning the use of school lockers. While some schools are simply not allowing students to use them, others are removing campus locker bays a... Read More »

How to Survive a School with No Lockers?

Believe it or not, there are middle/high schools with no lockers for books. If you happen to be going to one of these schools, do not fear! It may be hard, but you will get through!

Are school lockers safe?

On One Hand: Lockers are Made to be SecureWith a pad lock or combination lock, school lockers can provide a safe and private storage space for valuables items. Students who bring non-essentials to ... Read More »