Are lockers more convenient than backpacks at school?

Answer On One Hand: Lighten the LoadStudent access to school lockers allows students the convenience of storing materials and possessions that are not necessary for a particular class or period of the sch... Read More »

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Reasons School Should Not Be Allowed to Search Backpacks & Lockers?

School authorities are currently allowed to check students' lockers and backpacks if they feel the student is breaking the law or posing a threat to the safety of the school. They do not need a war... Read More »

Can you download apps more than once on more than one android phone on the same account?

Motorola is introducing a new low-end line of Android phones for Boost Mobile. They're throwing around the $350-$400 price range right now. That is pretty cool, considering you won't be tied down t... Read More »

What is more powerfull than a rock but more fragile than a stone?

It will still be with the records department of whatever city and state you were born in

Are school lockers safe?

On One Hand: Lockers are Made to be SecureWith a pad lock or combination lock, school lockers can provide a safe and private storage space for valuables items. Students who bring non-essentials to ... Read More »