Are live flowers considered household goods?

Answer According to many moving companies, live plants are not household goods and are on the list of items they will not ship not only because they are perishable--often there are regulations prohibiting... Read More »

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Where in the UK can i buy household goods (see below) that have the gorgeous geometric designs in this clip:?

These links contain zellij patterned designs, and while not specific to the United Kingdom as you requested, they do expand on the subject.

What is the most cost effective way of ground shipping household goods across the country?

Will the military pay for household goods to be shipped home if your spouse is deploying?

Usually not. You generally will need PCS orders in order for military to ship household goods for you. There are exceptions with certain types of deployments. The MTT deployments (officers) were gr... Read More »

What is gross weight of household goods a E-7 can move from one duty location to another?

It depends on the unit and nation in question. If it's an ally, typically there are already specific procedures and Allied frequencies to communicate on. For unknown or hostile units which might ne... Read More »