Are limited common elements at condominium complex considered private?

Answer Your answer depends on what 'private' use you expect of the limited common area that is dedicated to your unit. Limited common areas are subject to inspection by the association or its agents, main... Read More »

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What are examples of limited common property in a condominium complex?

A stairwell that leads to a single upstairs unit; a deck outside a condominium accessible only by one unit; the roof area accessible only by the penthouse; assigned parking slots assigned to a sing... Read More »

Is a pool at a condominium complex considered public or private?

Are the walls located between two condominium units considered common elements?

Read your governing documents to understand the line between what you own individually and what you own with all other owners.The line is usually described as 'the skin', 'the wallboard', 'the stud... Read More »

Can a private purchased home be part of a condominium complex?

Not usually. Since all condominium owners potentially own the land and the exterior of the buildings (and more) in common, a private home and its grounds wouldn't fit within that definition. Howev... Read More »