Are lima beans living or nonliving?

Answer Dried beans are usually living, but dormant, and will grow when conditions are right. Water, soil temperature and so on.

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Are lima bean seeds living or nonliving?

If you put it in the ground, does it grow? Yes. Then it is alive.

Are butter beans&lima beans the same thing?

Butter beans and lima beans are essentially the same thing, although they differ in size. Lima beans are small and green, while butter beans are larger with a creamy, butter taste.Source:Fort Valle... Read More »

Black Beans Red Beans Or Lima Beans Which do you like better?

Hmm .. I guess black beans. One of my friends made an amazing south beach diet soup with black beans and it was very good.

Are fossils living or nonliving?

Fossils are nonliving. They are evidence of plants or animals that were alive long ago and provide scientists with information about species that no longer live on Earth. The term “living fossilâ... Read More »