Are lily bulbs annuals?

Answer yes they are

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Are freesia bulbs annuals or perennials?

Freesia bulbs are perennials, which means they will return to bloom every year. Freesias produce both single and double flowers, and tend to have a rich color. They are also popular for their lasti... Read More »

How do I care for lily bulbs?

Storing Lily BulbsPlant lily bulbs around mid September through to mid October in nutrient rich soil that drains well. Make sure to plant the bulbs as soon as they are purchased as they are never i... Read More »

How often should you water lily bulbs?

Lily bulbs should be watered immediately after planting, then watered often to keep the soil moist. As soon as they start growing, reduce watering to about once per week. Be careful not to over wat... Read More »

When should you move lily bulbs?

On One Hand: Lily Bulbs are HardyAll species of lilies have hardy bulbs and are strong plants. Lilies grow in USDA plant hardiness zones from 4 through 11 and can survive fairly extreme temperature... Read More »