Are lilies deer resistant?

Answer On One Hand: Most Lilies Are Not Deer-ResistantMost species of lilies are not deer-resistant. On the contrary, lilies are a favorite deer food. Deer are particularly fond of hostas (plantain lilies... Read More »

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Do deer eat day lilies?

The day lily is an easy-to-grow perennial that suffers occasional damage by the deer population. Normally, a deer will not eat the day lily unless it is desperately hungry, and then it will only ea... Read More »

Are violas deer resistant?

Violas are not deer resistant. Deer are browsing animals that travel in search of succulent plants to satisfy their nutritional needs. The West Virginia University Extension Service categorizes vio... Read More »

Is Weigela deer resistant?

Weigela (Weigela florida) is a deciduous shrub that produces an attractive, multi-colored, trumpet-shaped flower in the early spring. According to the University of Georgia, weigela is a deer-resis... Read More »

Are marigolds deer resistant?

Although deer will eat anything when hungry, they tend to shy away from certain plants and shrubs. Marigolds are one of them. In addition to marigolds, other flowering plants deer seem to dislike i... Read More »