Are lilies deer resistant?

Answer On One Hand: Most Lilies Are Not Deer-ResistantMost species of lilies are not deer-resistant. On the contrary, lilies are a favorite deer food. Deer are particularly fond of hostas (plantain lilies... Read More »

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Do deer eat day lilies?

The day lily is an easy-to-grow perennial that suffers occasional damage by the deer population. Normally, a deer will not eat the day lily unless it is desperately hungry, and then it will only ea... Read More »

Is Vinca Deer-Resistant?

The carefree vinca provides color all summer in flowerpots and the garden. Originating in Madagascar, this tropical plant will often naturalize in warm climate zones. Colorado State University's we... Read More »

Is germander deer resistant?

Germander, or teucrium, is considered deer resistant. There are many varieties of germander within the shrub and herb category. It should be noted that no plant is completely deer proof, unless poi... Read More »

Are grapevines deer-resistant?

On One Hand: Grapevines on Deer-Resistant ListsPlants are determined to be deer-resistant based on whether the plant is poisonous, native, aromatic, and digestible or preferred by the taste or nee... Read More »