Are lie detectors effective?

Answer On One Hand: Polygraphs Are Not Scientifically ReliableBecause polygraph tests are accurate approximately 90 percent of the time, the chance of either "beating" it, or issuing a false positive read... Read More »

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Are Metal Detectors Effective in Schools?

As school districts have looked for ways to prevent school violence, some have turned to metal detectors, although the devices aren't as prevalent as other safety measures. The National Center for ... Read More »

DIY Motion Detectors?

Motion detectors are often used as a security method for homes and businesses. They can trigger alarms, lights to turn on, or other activate other security devices. These detectors use an infrared ... Read More »

Can lie detectors be wrong?

According to the American Polygraph Association, lie detector testing results are seldom wrong. Lie detector examinations administered by qualified examiners who utilize proper polygraph equipment ... Read More »

How do I troubleshoot RV gas detectors?

On One Hand: Some Claim Acetone Improves MileageLouis LaPointe at Pure Energy Systems claims that acetone does improve gas mileage when added in the ratio of three ounces of acetone to ten gallons ... Read More »