Are liability release forms good?

Answer On One Hand: It's Good for the ReleasedAs a business owner or practitioner of law or medicine, a liability release form can save you from lawsuits. The release can protect business owners from situ... Read More »

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How to Create Liability Release Forms?

If a person is injured on your property, while working for you or enjoying a service that you provide, then you may be liable for damages. Many companies create liability release forms and have cus... Read More »

Who forms a limited liability company?

A limited liability company, or LLC, includes aspects of a partnership and a corporation. The Internal Revenue Service says members of an LLC can include corporations, individuals, other LLCs and f... Read More »

What Is Required on a Release of Liability Form?

Consumers, employees and other individuals may be asked to sign a release of liability form in order to participate in certain events or utilize certain services. In most cases, the form waives the... Read More »

Risks of Signing Release of Liability?

Releases of liability include provisions that substantially affect signers' legal rights. Businesses may require customers to sign such releases before engaging in potentially risky activities, alt... Read More »