Are lemons healthy to eat?

Answer On One Hand: Health Benefits of LemonsExperts for The World's Healthiest Foods praise the phytonutrients in lemons. The unique flavonoid compounds in the lemons have antioxidant and anti-cancer pro... Read More »

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How to Use Lemons?

If there is one fruit in the house you can't do without, it is the humble lemon. It can be used for eating, cooking, drinking, cleaning, deodorizing, science experiments, homemade beauty solutions,... Read More »

Can lemons go bad /go off?

Yes, but they keep a lot longer in the fridge AND even longer if you wrap them tightly in cling-film (I believe the yanks call it Seran wrap) or tin-foil

Do shampoos make your hair healthy, or just "look" healthy?

It actually does make your hair healthy and look healthy. Like for me, i had damaged dry frizzy hair and i didn't really look at shampoo and conditioner good. Like i didn't really care what it does... Read More »

How to Freshen Old Lemons?

If you have left the lemons a little too long in the fruit basket in the open air and they've dried out, this trick might help you to refresh them so that they can still be used for cooking or drinks.