Are leased cars insured?

Answer When leasing a car, you must purchase your own insurance, according to Lease Guide. Additionally, your lease dictates how much coverage you must carry, which may differ from a previous policy.Sourc... Read More »

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Can any insured driver drive someone else's insured leased car?

Answer You are covered if you are a licensed driver regardless what they say.A leased vehicle is owned by the leasing agency not by the person who is leasing it.The terms of the contract will desig... Read More »

Can a car leased in your name be insured under your parents' policy?

Answer Yes and no. Yes if it to cover medical expenses. You can pull on your med-pay and your uninsured motorist policy I believe. But don't expect them to cover damages to car. I would stick with... Read More »

What is the tire tread depth requirement for leased cars?

The tire tread requirement is 3/32 inches or less for cars leased through Toyota Financial Services. For vehicles financed by Ford Credit, excessive wear is when tread depth is less than 1/8 inch a... Read More »

Are the parents personally liable if a 19 year old on their policy gets into a serious accident over insured amounts in Florida in a leased car where the 19 yr old is the leasor the parents co-signed?