Are lcd monitor stands interchangeable?

Answer The stand that comes with the monitor is designed to be used with only that monitor model. Universal aftermarket stands are available. One type is a riser that can be placed underneath the factory ... Read More »

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Why my monitor get green sometimes this problem is from monitor , VGA or Monitor cable ?

This often indicates a bad pin on the end of the vga cable. Sometimes the pin is bent or will push into the body of the connector when you try to insert it into the jack. Close examination will usu... Read More »

3 monitors at once (a laptop monitor, a VGA monitor, and an HDMI monitor)?

Only two outputs at one time are allowed on most laptops. That would be the normal laptop screen and ONE of the two output ports. Rarely could you have two external monitors and no normal screen.... Read More »

Are usb cables interchangeable?

On One Hand: Most USB Cables are InterchangeableMost USB cables are interchangeable provided that the cables have the same connector type. According to Data Pro, there are three standard types of U... Read More »

Are all sim cards interchangeable?

SIM cards are used in GSM-enabled phones. As these smart cards are often tied to a specific subscriber network, they are only interchangeable between phones in that network. However, SIM cards that... Read More »