Are laser pointers safe?

Answer On One Hand: Safety ConcernsLaser pointers have become widespread among the general public, and with that comes certain safety concerns. At this time there are no restrictions on buying laser point... Read More »

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What is the point in laser pointers?

How to Use Laser Pointers Safely?

Safety with high powered laser pointers is a critical issue that cannot be overlooked. Despite their brilliant beams and ability to burn, high power laser pointers and portable lasers are only a da... Read More »

Are laser pointers illegal?

Laser pointers are not illegal in most cases, as they can be easily purchased at many stores. However, it is illegal to shine a laser pointer at a police officer, and many concert and sporting venu... Read More »

The Effects of Laser Pointers?

Laser pointers are used extensively in educational and business settings. The devices are used to direct a spot of bright colored light onto a screen or board to highlight points of interest. The U... Read More »