Are large putter grips better?

Answer On One Hand: Reduced Grip PressureLarge putter grips can be placed on any putter if the golfer chooses to do so. Due to the greater width of the grip, it forces the golfer to reduce the grip pressu... Read More »

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How to Become a Better Lag Putter?

Becoming a better lag putter is the easiest way to shave strokes off of your putting average. With good lag putting, your misses will become better and closer to the hole.

Is it better to use hair grips,or clips?

Grips are probably better at holding a style, if you criss cross the grips (put them in opposite ways so you make an X shape) they should last all day. I cross my grips a lot and they even last thr... Read More »

How to Change Motorcycle Grips to ISO-Grips?

ISO-grips for motorcycles can absorb vibrations conducted to the handle during driving, which makes them ideal for beating hand fatigue during long drives. They are designed with soft, non-slip sur... Read More »

My scanned line art is far too large after I import it to Photoshop. How can I fit it on screen better?

Lower the dpi on your scanner before you scan.