Are laptops allowed on airplanes?

Answer Yes, you can bring a laptop computer on an airplane. You may need to remove it from its bag for inspection when passing through the security checkpoint. Some airlines even allow you to access Wi-Fi... Read More »

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Are two laptops allowed as carry-ons on airplanes?

Two laptops may be carried on to an airplane in most situations. Generally, airlines allow travelers to bring two carry-on bags onto the plane. The contents that may be carried on are not restricte... Read More »

Are ipods allowed on airplanes?

MP3 players such as iPods can be used while flying on an airplane. However, you must wait until the plane has reached 10,000 feet or above in altitude. The flight attendant will alert you to when i... Read More »

Are canes allowed on airplanes?

Canes are allowed on airplanes. Walking canes must be placed in a passenger's carry-on luggage. However, the passenger must have the luggage inspected to ensure that the passenger is not trying to ... Read More »

Are skateboards allowed on airplanes?

The Transportation Security Administration allows passengers to travel on airplanes with skateboards. However, if the skateboard is carried onto the plane, it has to be securely stored either under... Read More »