Are lap bands safe?

Answer On One Hand: There Are Some Risks InvolvedAccording to the Lap Band's official site, there are some risks involved, especially for people who are already in poor health due to being overweight. Alt... Read More »

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Are the teeth effect bands sold on considered safe?

Answer Although I cannot seem to get onto teethgap at the moment, I have heard of them, and yes I do believe they are both safe and effective. But check with a dentist or doctor to be sure.

Between these bands (and only these bands) who would win (if you had to choose) in a battle of the bands?

OMG its gotta be on eof the hardest questions to ever answer i luv all them so much!!!..........i have to choose MCR......but all of them rock so much i feel bad for picking only one lol. they shou... Read More »

Is it safe and effective to use teeth effect bands to close gaps in your teeth?

Yes, teeth effect bands are safe. Infact, I used them myself and my teeth are very healthy. My orthodontist told me if the band slides up on the gum it can damage that area. However, It isn't likel... Read More »

List your top two favorite bands and then switch the lead singers. How do you think those bands would sound?

Nightwish and...oh, I don't know, Leaves' Eyes, let's say.I actually think Liv might be quite good at the older Nightwish songs, since she has great range, but the newer ones with'd be ... Read More »