Are landlords responsible for small pools if someone drowns?

Answer On One Hand: Landlords Have Some LiabilityIf someone drowns in a small pool, the landlord can be found responsible if he was negligent or failed to maintain the pool properly. However, whether or n... Read More »

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Who is responsible for small pools if someone drowns?

On One Hand: Private Pools Have Certain LiabilitiesDrowning in a small pool on private property has a particular set of rules depending upon the circumstances. If the pool was faulty, then the manu... Read More »

What can you do to keep small pools such as toddler or 2-3 foot pools clean and healthy while in use?

Buy right pool chemicals and refer to its guidelines on how to use it wisely.AnswerI have found small bottles/packages of granulated chlorine labeled "Kiddie Pools" at WalMart in their toys/pool ca... Read More »

Are landlords responsible for nuisance of tenants?

On One Hand: Responsibility to Other Tenants.A landlord does bear a responsibility to other tenants who are being bothered by tenants causing a nuisance. In renting, a landlord agrees to provide an... Read More »

Are landlords or renters responsible for snow removal?

On One Hand: Landlord and Tenants Share Snow Removal DutyAs a general rule, landlords are responsible for maintaining the safety of their property. But the extent of their responsibility can vary f... Read More »