Are landlords or renters responsible for snow removal?

Answer On One Hand: Landlord and Tenants Share Snow Removal DutyAs a general rule, landlords are responsible for maintaining the safety of their property. But the extent of their responsibility can vary f... Read More »

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Do landlords have to handle snow removal in New York state?

Landlords are required to handle snow removal in New York state. However, the responsibility of snow removal may be transferred from a landlord to a tenant through the lease agreement.References:"B... Read More »

What information do landlords pull on potential renters?

If he is a good landlord, he would check with local courts to see if you have a habit of prior evictions. Credit reports don't really have allot to do with someone, in my opinion, as a bad credit r... Read More »

Can landlords require that tenants acquire renters insurance?

The general answer is yes. Although it may vary by state, the landlord can require in the lease that the tenant obtain renter's insurance. One exception to this is government funded housing.

Can landlords require renters to pay for a hotel while apartment is under construction?

The landlords insurance would cover the hotel costs if your apartment was damaged under a covered insurance loss. Your tenants insurance would also provide coverage as well.