Are land reclamations made for diamonds?

Answer Organizations--such as the World Diamond Council--are developing and supporting ways to minimize the environmental impact of diamond mining. These ways include land reclamations. Unfortunately, the... Read More »

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The Difference Between Lab-Made Diamonds & Earth-Made Diamonds?

Until recently, if you wanted to simulate the appearance of a diamond, you had to purchase an inexpensive substitute such as cubic zirconia. Today's laboratory grown diamonds, which are also known ... Read More »

Are man-made diamonds more valuable than real diamonds?

Naturally occurring diamonds are much more expensive than man-made diamonds. A one carat natural diamond can sell for around $3,000, while a man-made diamond of the same size is worth only around $... Read More »

What is the difference between real diamonds& man-made diamonds?

Natural and synthetic diamonds are two different types of the precious stones that have been held as valuable for thousands of years. Made-made diamonds are not fake, like cubic zirconia, but simpl... Read More »

Are blue diamonds man-made?

Naturally blue diamonds do exist, but they are very rare and expensive. The most famous one is the Hope Diamond. Lab-created blue diamonds are made by annealing gray-to-brown stones with high press... Read More »