Are lamb cutlets an iconic Australian food?

Answer Lamb cutlets aren't an iconic Australian food. Australian foods considered to be iconic are hot potato chips, hamburgers topped with a fried egg, tomato and pineapple, and Vegemite. Sam Kekovich, a... Read More »

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What is the cooking time for lamb shoulder cutlets?

Two of the ways that are recommended at to cook lamb cutlets are grilled or shallow fried. Both grilled or fried it is recommended to cook the cutlets three to four minutes per si... Read More »

What to you is the iconic Filipino food on rainy days?

Is rack of lamb a finger food?

I'm surprised your parents and your grandmother let you get by with that. If you were eating at home, alone. eating lamb with your fingers might be acceptable, but in a restaurant, people are expe... Read More »

Is steak an Australian food?

Steak is defined as a cut of meat cooked by broiling. While there is no definitive origin of the first steak, it can be inferred that it occurred in 13th-century Asia when cattle was first domestic... Read More »