Are lake shore homes still good investments?

Answer On One Hand: Still a Sound InvestmentWith the recent downturn in the real estate market, many investors are shying away from real estate. However, highly desired properties, such as lake homes, hav... Read More »

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The port of Chicago is on the southwestern shore of what lake?

What is the name of the ship wreck off the spring lake new jersey shore?

During a heavy fog, the British ship the Western World ran aground on October 22, 1853. All of the 300 passengers and crew aboard were rescued. The shipwreck is located 100 feet from the shore in 3... Read More »

How do i fish for salmon from lake shore piers&harbors?

Natural BaitAt times fishing with natural bait will out-perform all other tactics. Bait can include, minnows (alive or dead), nightcrawlers, shrimp, squid or salmon eggs. Sometimes casting out the... Read More »

Why are stocks good investments?

There are a multitude of investment options for people looking to grow their assets. The suitability of any particular investment vehicle for an investor depends on the investor's goals, time horiz... Read More »