Are labor unions good?

Answer On One Hand: Increased Wages and SafetyLabor unions were originally created to combat terrible (and often dangerous) working conditions, as well as wages that were too low to be livable. Early on t... Read More »

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Are labor unions good or bad?

On One Hand: Labor Unions Protect WorkersLabor Unions allow collectives of workers to be able to demand higher wages and better conditions from employers because they are negotiating as a single bl... Read More »

Why are labor unions a good thing?

Labor unions are organized groups made up of workers in the same industries. Labor unions strive to ensure better wages, working conditions and bargaining power for workers; proponents believe that... Read More »

Are labor unions good or bad for the economy?

On One Hand: Unions Think They Are Good for BusinessAccording to the labor union in the United States, the AFL-CIO, unionization results in national economic growth and increased competitiveness. T... Read More »

Are labor unions good or bad for the United States economy?

On One Hand: Labor Unions Help the EconomyLabor unions have many benefits for workers, and some of them also are good for the U.S. economy. An AmscoPub schoolbook chapter on the issue explains tha... Read More »