Are labor unions effective?

Answer On One Hand: A long history of helping workersUnions have effectively negotiated raises and benefits on behalf of their members for the better part of 150 years. Today, various trade unions have ov... Read More »

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Reasons for Labor Unions?

Labor unions have a long history in America. Despite their critics, the positive effects of labor unions on American society cannot be disputed. Historically, it has been the labor movement that ha... Read More »

How Do Labor Unions Function?

A far cry from the scrappy heroes of Zola's "Germinal" and Sinclair's "The Jungle," modern labor unions in Europe and North America have become sophisticated, white-collar organizations. Although s... Read More »

The Purpose of Labor Unions?

Labor unions are organized groups of dues-paying workers from the same or related fields who have joined together to present a collective voice in matters of negotiation. They have internally elect... Read More »

Negatives of Labor Unions?

There seems to be an ongoing debate about the effect that labor unions have on everything from workers to employers to the economy in general. There is no real argument that in the early 1900s labo... Read More »