Are labor unions effective?

Answer On One Hand: A long history of helping workersUnions have effectively negotiated raises and benefits on behalf of their members for the better part of 150 years. Today, various trade unions have ov... Read More »

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Are labor unions still needed?

On One Hand: Gap Between Rich and PoorAccording to Cornell labor professor Clete Daniel, the U.S. has its largest gap between the rich and the poor ever, as of February 2009. Labor unions help clos... Read More »

Facts About Labor Unions?

Labor unions are an important part of the American workforce, protecting and lobbying for employee rights. Labor unions have an effect on wages and employee benefits that extends even to workers wh... Read More »

Issues With Labor Unions?

Labor unions protect the rights of their members on the job. Rather than making employees compete against one another, it unites workers in common cause. Labor unions have political issues regardin... Read More »

Negatives of Labor Unions?

There seems to be an ongoing debate about the effect that labor unions have on everything from workers to employers to the economy in general. There is no real argument that in the early 1900s labo... Read More »