Are knives a standard issue weapon for Secret Service Agents?

Answer According to the Department of the Treasury, Secret Service officers do not carry knives as a standard-issue weapon.Please See Link

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How often do Secret Service agents draw their weapon?

As with most REAL (not TV) law enforcement officers, not very often.

What is the standard weapon for the secret service?

Yes he did. On a number of occasions---both as Vice-President and later as CinC. Hear tell he would play duets with his USMC Honor Guard, but need to confirm that.

What is the standard issue handgun for secret service?

Sorry, that information is normally not publicly available until after the sitting president has left the office.

What are the standard issue knives used in the US Army Rangers?

Knives are not standard issue in the 75th Ranger Regiment. Many Rangers, including myself, purchase a wide variety of knives for our needs. Benchmade, Gerber, and CRKT are all quality knives whic... Read More »