Are kids allowed to have sex?

Answer From the point of birth up to about the age of 18, a person's body and brain are still growing an maturing. If you think about it, when you talk to someone younger than yourself you can immediately... Read More »

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Should people who have to ask on Y!A if they are pregnant not be allowed to have kids?

Only the ones that are asking in this manner:We didn't have sex. I'm a virgin. But we were foolin around. He ***'d in his shorts. Then touched it with his left hand. He touched me with his rig... Read More »

Should kids be allowed to have water bottles in school?

Yes, they should be allowed water bottles and proper restroom breaks. If you feel this is not being handled properly in your school or school district then take it upon yourself to make changes. ... Read More »

Are kids allowed on American Idol?

No , you have to be 16-28 years old to audition for American Idol .

Are kids allowed to go to church in China?

The Chinese Constitution states that all citizens are allowed to have their own religious beliefs and practice as they wish, but different legislative bodies may interpret it differently. Legally i... Read More »