Are keystone&cragar mag wheels made by the same company?

Answer Keystone and Cragar wheels are not manufactured by the same company. Keystone wheels are manufactured by Keystone Automotive Industries, a subsidiary of LKQ Corp. Cragar wheels are manufactured by ... Read More »

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Are Eureka& Shark vacuums made by the same company?

Eureka and Shark brand vacuum cleaners are made by different companies. Shark vacuums are made by Euro-Pro Operating, LLC, while the Eureka brand is made by Electrolux Home Care products, Inc.Sourc... Read More »

Is it better to buy a 3D blu-ray player for a TV of the same company(Samsung) or different company?

There is no need to stay with the same brand. When it comes to TV's and Blu-Ray players it can be ok to have the same brand but in some other areas it's actually not ok. Speakers for example... ... Read More »

If you change insurance can the new company find out if any claim were made against you from the previous company?

Answer I have 2 claims for other companies and that hasn't affect me with the othe insurances. I don't think they can find out. Insurance Fraud If the application asks about previous claims and yo... Read More »

Please help!Is it ok to put staggered wheels on an awd vehiclewhat if I install the same tires all around?

19 inch rims and tires on your G35x would be fine. But why staggered sizes? The look? Nissan did not design your G series sedan to run on such. You would be best suited to stick with 19x8.5 rims... Read More »