Are keyloggers safe?

Answer On One Hand: How It WorksA keylogger is a piece of computer software or hardware designed to record every single keystroke made at a specific computer. Software keyloggers are installed onto the co... Read More »

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I scanned my comp with Ad-aware\Spybot S & D, am i safe from all keyloggers?

The internet is never completely safe, no matter what you do to protect your system.These scans you mentioned help stop the risk, but nothing is 100% secure when connected to the internet. Spyware,... Read More »

Can keyloggers see what you paste?

Some keyloggers record the contents of the Windows clipboard, allowing them to record what you copy and paste. One method that some people use to "fool" keyloggers is to type passwords with several... Read More »

Are keyloggers illegal?

On One Hand: Keylogger Programs Are LegalKeyloggers are common in the workplace to determine whether employees are working, and also to prevent illegal activity from occurring. Parents may use keyl... Read More »

How to Delete Keyloggers?

Keyloggers are a simple, but dangerous tool used by hackers to record every keystroke that you make on your computer. This information can then be sent remotely to a server where the hacker can lat... Read More »