What was the secret service code names for John Kennedy on the day he was shot?

Answer I believe it's classified for obvious reasons

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Has Tom Cruse lost it?

I don't think ol' Tom ever HAD it to lose in the first place. He was so cute everyone ignored the fact that he was a loony. Funny how his religion (scientology) doesn't allow therapy or medication,... Read More »

Does carnival cruse have a teen lounge?

You can purchase an outdoor chaise lounge pretty much anywhere. Outdoor stores or furniture stores. Online is a fabulous place to start. Macy's and Target have reasonable prices and their chaise lo... Read More »

Are Montel Williams and Vanessa Williams related?

Victory has thousand fathers Defeat has XXXX Transcript of McCain on The Tonight Show Jay Leno say Jack Kennedy didnt use the word orphan. so what word was used by Jack Kennedy instead of orphan?

To paraphrase JFK himself, success has a thousand fathers; failure is an orphan - or did he say "bastard"? See the LINK below.