Are juvenile records sealed?

Answer According to the Children's Law Center of Massachusetts, juvenile records are not immediately destroyed when teens turn 17. The Website states that, if a teen wishes to seal her record, she must wa... Read More »

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Are juvenile police records sealed at 18 in Arizona?

A juvenile police record will be destroyed if the person meets these conditions: he has not been convicted of a felony offense; a criminal charge is not pending; he has completed all the requiremen... Read More »

Do sealed juvenile records show up on FBI criminal history checks?

Sealed juvenile records are hidden and cannot be accessed by the public. However, law enforcement agencies such as the FBI will be able to view sealed juvenile records when running background chec... Read More »

Can the court use my sealed juvenile record?

The procedure for sealing court records varies by state, but in California you can petition to have juvenile records sealed on your 18th birthday. No one can access the sealed records, and they are... Read More »

Why are juvenile records confidential?

When a juvenile breaks the law his criminal record is sealed. The theory is that young people can be salvaged and rehabilitated and should not have to carry the burden of a criminal record througho... Read More »