Are juniper berries poisonous?

Answer Juniper berries, the fleshy cones of the tree, are traditionally used for flavoring gin and foods such as meats. They are mildly poisonous when ingested in large quantities, and may cause diarrhea ... Read More »

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Are Juniper Berries Poisonous to Dogs?

Dogs can and sometimes will eat everything in their path. This poses a problem for dog owners, who wonder if their plants and trees are poisonous to their canine companions. Does th... Read More »

Are juniper berries poisonous to cats?

Many veterinarians believe that juniper berries cause illness in cats. If you suspect your cat has eaten juniper, bring your cat and a sample of the berries to the vet immediately.SourcePoisonous B... Read More »

What if the first guy to eat poisonous berries was just allergic and we're missing out on delicious berries?

Nowadays we have the technology to test foods for toxicity. Not only do we know which foods are poisonous, but we also know which poisons they contain and who will be affected. It wasn't that long ... Read More »

What are juniper berries?

Juniper berries are the small, berry-like cones containing the seeds of the juniper tree. They take two to three years to mature, changing from a reddish color to bluish black. Only mildly poisonou... Read More »